Tips On Getting Back In The Saddle

by eugene on July 31, 2012

Dating at any age can be a big bag of trouble. However, as you may have already figured out, dating when you over 50 is an entirely different game than when you originally started dating.

But, there are a few things that get easier with age – for one, you probably don’t want or need to play the silly games that younger people often use to attract attention. You also probably are more comfortable with yourself and who you are. This means that you don’t need to waste time on a date that you know is not going to work out in the long run; experience has taught you how to spot the warning signs and say goodbye to a person or situation that you are not enjoying.

However, one thing is difficult regardless of what age you are at. And that thing is: taking your relationship to the next level. Sex can be especially daunting at this age, as many more mature people who are either divorced or have lost a spouse, have often not been sexually active for years.

The good news is that it doesn’t have to be so scary. As long as you and your partner are well established in your relationship, any situation that arises can be worked out with understanding and patience.

But, what are some things you should keep in mind if you are ready to jump back in the saddle again? Here are 3 things you should keep in mind before you make the jump:

-         Your body has changed

There is no fooling about here. When we get older our bodies change and we are no longer as lithe and flexible as we once were. However, this doesn’t mean sex has to be any less enjoyable.

If you are comfortable and confident about your body, it will really show and it will help you and your partner to enjoy sex more. You should also realize that your partner is probably more concerned about what you think of them. Being a supportive and understanding partner can make sex a beautiful and enjoyable experience for both of you.

-         Other physical changes

Many women who have gone through menopause find it difficult or painful to have sexual intercourse. This can usually be remedied by using a simple lubricating jelly. Some women may even have a complete turnaround and be much more “in the mood” after menopause.

Men also have concerns. Erectile dysfunction affects about 1 in every 10 men over the age of 50. However, this doesn’t need to slow you down at all, as there are many very effective erectile dysfunction medications on the market and with the advances in technology, men can even get a Viagra prescription online.

Viagra is only one of the ED medications available, however, and can find out more about your treatment options when you talk to a doctor about erectile dysfunction.

-         Safe sex?

This is one point that a lot of older people don’t take into account. However, it is just as easy to contract an incurable STD like HIV when you’re 63 as it is when you’re 23. If you are in a monogamous relationship with your partner, this may not be such a concern. However, it always better to be on the safe side and get tested as a couple, or use safe sex practices if you have more than one partner.

Guest Authored by: Cathy Thompson, a guest writer and blogger for eDrugstore.MD, a leading safe U.S. online medication facilitator since 2001.


Dating at any age can be a big challenge. Some people are just naturally more comfortable with the dating scene and seem to know just what to do and say. But regardless of how confident or shy you are, it really helps if you have something you are passionate and knowledgeable enough about to turn to when talk comes around to the type of things you are interested in.

But aside from being a great conversation topic, your interests and hobbies may also be able to help you meet people that share things in common with you. Joining a club or group that focuses on your hobby is a great way to meet new friends and maybe even potential dates.

The good thing about meeting a date at a club is that you already know you share common ground. Almost every hobby has a club or group committed to it, so if you aren’t already part of one, now might be a good time to think about joining one or even starting one if they don’t have a group for your particular interest in your area.

Also, if you meet someone outside of your group that you really like, a great date might be to bring them along to see exactly what you do at these group meetings if you feel that it’s something they might enjoy. Some hobbies can be enjoyable for everyone, like horseback riding or dancing. These activities are also a great way to keep physically fit and active.

If a person is interested in you, then they are probably also interested in what you do and what your hobbies are. Maybe they’ll become just as enthusiastic as you are about the activity, or maybe it is just a one time things. But either way, at least they’ll get to know more about you and what you like to do.

Conversely, it’s also a good idea to stay open to new hobbies and interests. Nothing shows someone how much you care for them like showing interest in what they like to do. Some people are a little shy to let people know what their hobbies are, but if you ask you’ll find that a lot of people may surprise you with their areas of interest.

Another great benefit to letting your date know your hobbies and getting to know his or her hobbies, is that if the date turns into a long term relationship, gift giving is a lot easier if your significant other has a particular hobby or area of interest. These small benefits can help you to make a lot of headway in your romantic life and help those that you care about get to know you better as you get to know them better, as well.


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